Thursday, August 26, 2010

Learning From The Legend: Perseverance And Passion Drive Fame

Mr. Jiri Suchy is the Czech legend. Film and stage actor, music writer. Owner and co-founder of the theater Semafor in Prague. Young in his heart, seasoned in age (79). Full of passion for life. Full of humor. Full of life time experiences. Full of set-backs in his early career. Mr. Suchy loves to share everything openly and with learnt self-confidence even in the artificial surrounding with Business people.

Warmth is the feeling he leaves behind. Honest and inspirational in description of his life path. As a youngster desperately wanting to become a stage actor, not minding being fired from several theaters for his lack of acting skills. Being shy and defensive, but continued to dream. Dreaming of his vision to own a theater. For becoming famous. For being able to entertain masses of people. Sharp contrast to his that time skills and feedback he continuously obtained from his close relatives and friends, from his professional peers and theater critiques. He listened but did not mind to go on. Put a full passion into his dream. Took the shame for several years of negative experience positively. Practiced hard. Kept faith. Became stronger. Clarified for himself his life values and desires. Became even more assured the battle is worth fighting. And several years later, when he had slightly nostalgic day and persuaded self the time is right to give up on his dream and only at that time his dream unfolded itself. The RIGHT AND BIG opportunity appeared.

The Legend started to shine. And will shine for ever now.

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