Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot News: Twitter & The Pope

The Pope Benedict XVI.  is on Twitter (@news_va_en). These top news were hot enough this week for a wide twitter community discussion, even though Vatican is already tweeting for some time (until today with 1300 tweets, and ca 65 thousand followers). The spread of the news started only when the Pope Benedict XVI. has sent his first - by his team pre-prepared - tweet from his iPad (great choice by the way…). Becoming the first Pope to tweet in history. Learning “THE” thing:

@news_va_en Vatican - news
Dear Friends, I just launched  Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI

The Pope received positive and negatives WOWs in the twitter discussion. But what is more important, there is a clear signal, that to be a leader in this world one must participate on Twitter (or Facebook) . To influence the masses while being accessible. To start to understand the youngsters, to come closer to their world.

The Pope became by this tweeting act another role model within the social media world, mainly for the mid age plus generation, that - especially in Europe - still consider Twitter not being their cup of tea. As they do not understand why they should use it. Now they can come closer to the Pope every day. Not only to the Pope, but towards many other gurus and leaders, they can get real time news, from the spot, before anybody else has it.

If an 84-old man of many obligations gets easily excited about twitter (and Facebook and YouTube, where his messages will be from now on posted), when will you?

CNN commentary and video about the Pope tweeting

P.S. By the way -  a great free PR for twitter and iPad!

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