Friday, September 10, 2010

Positive Czech Service Culture Exists; It Just Takes Time To Find Examples…

One professional magazine was doing recently a survey about the level of customer service in the Czech Republic. Each of the participants was providing absurd negative stories from own life. Stories that were full of total exhaustion from the situation. Stories, that showed how some service providers lied or applied the power over the customer just because of their own interests.

It seemed that we all share the same experiences, just the people playing key roles change. Does it really have to be so?

I have a picture of few very interesting positive people who represent for me heroes in the area of customer service The good news is they live here with us. They did not disappear!

Like my hairdresser – she called me one Sunday just to let me know there is a director job opening. Or my dentist who did not want me to pay for the check-up and tooth cleaning because I did not have cavities (even though she does not co-operate with any insurance company).

Or a caretaker from a pension in Horska Kvilda in Sumava – she not only offered advices for trips in the surrounding, she offered home made food for the dinner, that was not part of the offering. She smiled all the time and always thought how she could make our stay even more joyful.

Or the Czech shop assistant from a fashion shop in Munich – she called me that she is going on maternity leave and that one of her colleagues will take care about me during her absence, fitting the goods and sending afterwards by courier for free from Munich to Prague to be perceived as normal standard.

These people have the same things in common. They care so much about you. They go extra mile. They listen and try to help. They smile, live at present and try to enjoy every minute of today despite of bad weather or other negative conditions. They share their joy with others. They keep unwritten promises and take responsibility if things do not go right. They put your benefit first and their profit only comes as second. They leave a very pleasant warm feeling after they are gone.

I admire them. I think they deserve increased visibility, and many more clones …

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