Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“They Can Try To Punish You, But NOONE Can Take Your Smile,…”

Heda Cechova
          …said Heda Cechova in a documentary film describing her life of a moderator star from the 50th and 60th and of a forbidden person afterwards due to her attitudes to communism.
I agree totally. I think we need to realize the value of a smile whenever things do not go right for us. It takes a lot of courage and internal strength. It takes a lot of self belief. Integrity is more important than instant fame or money. Giving up and going with the flow, as many do, is not the right option if we want to value ourselves. Our approach to short-term set-backs is what matters, as it can actually bring personal satisfaction and make us stronger. And as a paradox – to madness of the people who enjoy silencing others – this positive response sometimes drives immortality. Because the context changes. Like in the case of Heda Cechova, when the communist system has been broken to pieces, she was able to shine again. She will be always remembered for her approach to difficult situations, for the grace with which she used to handle life.
For somebody it could be suppression due to political reasons, for others it could happen at work environment or at home. For someone the challenge is related to health. If you decide to take this not easy, but in the end more fulfilling way, do not forget it helps to visualize the examples of people who have already taken this journey before you.

I personally could build my own strengths from family examples. My grandfather (died at 32) or my sister (died at 19). My grandfather was in a concentration camp due to his courage and approach to life, died in pain from lung infection, without support, but refusing to go to gas. My sister at the age of 14 diagnosed with uncurable cancer. She was the most positive and smiling person in this world until the end. 
Never forget that smile is contagious. Smile is powerful. Smile is catchy. We should never let others take smile from us.

Smile is contagious...

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