Monday, January 31, 2011

On-Line Fast Track for Success

Speed and timing are critical. Competition never sleeps. Competitive advantages are stolen quickly. The civilization itself is nowadays put on the fast track. Like it or do not. What worked several decades ago, is considered the “Age of Dinosaurs” today.  To reach 50 million people, it took radio 38 years,  13 years for TV, 4 years for internet and 3 years for iPod. Only 9 months were sufficient for Facebook to engage with 100 million people. The technological advancements, since Facebook started in February 2004, accelerated everything even more. From over 610 million Facebook active users nowadays, about 200 million access through their mobile devices and about 75% live outside the United States. We can continue with statistics for Twitter or LinkedIn. However they are not as important. The key for leaders is to understand how they can use these existing trends for their profit. For the benefit of their Company as well as for the benefit of self.  
Many Companies in the Eastern Europe have not yet adjusted themselves. A lot of them have forgotten they have to evolve with the ever changing environment. What worked for engaging with consumers and for networking in the business world several years ago, does not work today.
The truth is that a lot of Eastern Europe’s CEOs and management team members themselves have not still established an account on the social media networks for their Company or for themselves. Or they do not actively exploit it. They prefer to live comfortable life based on their historical routines. They start to loose their edge, but they do not worry. They can still live comfortably. At present at least. But what about in future?
If CEOs want to drive their Companies forward and enjoy their highly paid jobs, they have to stop worrying about being publicly exposed due to bigger transparency. They have to put their audience - being it consumers, customers or business partners - in the first place. They have to dissolve their fear to make the first step. They have to inspire the Company and its employees to change. Nothing more, nothing less.

Leaders of the future have to build their new vision for on-line presence and start to feel the urge to do something about it. NOW!
P.S. There are of course positive examples as well :-). Check them out:

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