Monday, February 7, 2011

Sustainability of Management Job At Present

Hot topic today - partially due to economical crisis. Too many of my LinkedIn contacts have within last few months changed their job titles. Becoming consultants, experts or investors instead of CEOs/Board members. The leadership market is changing. One can observe the cheaper and younger replace the more expensive and the experienced. Another can view fixed costs cutting at any price as a short-term gain for the Company winning over long-term benefits, overemphasized financials to non measurable values the experienced top leaders bring to the Company.
Each situation is different. The outcome however is the same. I see many talented leaders, who have successful track record of delivering great financial results and developing people, currently looking for new opportunities, not fully utilizing their potential, despite being in their "best age" (40-50).
For the talented leaders this may just be a nice long-time dreamed break from high-speed life and from lasting frustration that has built up over years due to their low influence on local results thanks to increased International HQ decisions. The Universe may be giving them time to rethink life values and career objectives, to re-launch their personal brand. These people understand the principles that brought them to the top and thus they either excel in similar top job again or they start their own business ventures. Their "star" will shine again soon, even stronger. The time in between is for them just a test of their patience to search for the next opportunity and a test of perseverance to find one.
On the other hand the leaders who got their top jobs by co-incidence and luck, who did not build their success themselves,who always played it safe or "win what I want at all costs", feel totally lost. They have never known what are the key pillars of the Company growth they may have inherited. They have hardly at all added significant value to the Company, to their teams or to the society they live in. They have not learn the ability to excel. They victimize themselves. They feel born for the job, that is why they demand it back. They know well how to take, use and manipulate, their big life lesson is to learn how to give, contribute and build. Most of them try to avoid this painful excercise. Their arrogant behavior destroys even the last few opportunities that have opened in front of them.
For progressive leaders the year 2011 should be bright again! The leadership jobs will be again in demand (see more in the attached research from BlueSteps Company). It is a high time for everybody now to do the homework and prepare for the promising future!
Blue Steps Research

Tony Robbins: "What stops us all from moving forward? Fear. Fear can destroy our psychology and immobilize us from taking action. The secret is learning how to use fear instead of letting fear use you!?"

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