Monday, March 21, 2011

What the King George V. In 1934 Understood Better Than Today´s Managers

It is not enough to be just on the wall in the framed picture.  Each leader, the King or the CEO, has to get closer to the crowds. He has to be like an actor, talking to the people, having „own voice“. Be that the nation or the Company, both need a leader they all could stand behind. They need a voice that unites them.
Seeing the Oskars´ winning film King´s Speech this week I was awakened to observe an interesting parallel. Early 30th the radio started to be widespread and the King understood its impact on the masses. Nowadays the social media play that role. But how many progressive managers use meaningful conversations around their brands and companies to link themselves to the hearts of people?
In the movie "King´s Speech" Prince Albert, The Duke of York (later the King George VI) heartbreakingly got beyond his weakness of being a stutterer and thanks to his perseverance learned how to talk to the crowds with passion and intensity, fluently.
What will it take for the leaders nowadays to break the „ceiling“ to the future, to increase the understanding about social media conversations around their brands? What will it take for the leaders to „FLUENTLY“ start to speak with „ordinary“ predominantly young people on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?
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