Monday, May 2, 2011

The Victory of Love And Common Sense Over Prejudice

Many stories have been written about the equal rights of people. Comparing history and present gives the mankind hope. Regardless of country of origin, race, sex or age or aristocratic roots, being it at work or in private life, we are putting back on the table discussion about personality traits, rather than personal origin. We are becoming more liberal than our ancestors were. We are giving more value to the vision of living fulfilled life vs. blindly following the historical rules.
In the case of Kate Middleton and Prince William the victory of love is known to everybody by now. We can only wish them, that their fellowship will be long-lasting as a confirmation that the cause was worth fighting. As we never know what the future brings. 

As in the case of my grandfather, a son of a countess, who belonged to the group of "pre-chosen" men who were supposed to merry a girl from the same class. But my grandpa was living ahead of his time. He has rather followed - regardless of the objection of his whole family - his heart and passion. He has married my not so "classy", but beautiful and clever grandma. He has chosen to live under his own terms and fully - the short life the destiny has given to him.

Maybe because of his "blue blood" origin or because of his high influence on many people thanks to his leadership role in the regional "Sokol" sports union, or just because of his work as a Professor, as an Artist (cubist painter) and a man who could play seven instruments and having rich social life, he was escorted during the second World war directly from the school, where he was teaching, into the concentration camp. He has died there at the age of 32 in physical pain but with mental strength that he is supported by a beloved women who is expecting his son to be born - born from a true love.

He has left behind himself many warm feelings as well as a wide collection of paintings, that will remind us and generations to come about his work and passion for living. Nevertheless one painting is more precious than others. The not finished one of my grandma ...

You cannot take full control over your life, but you can always give your best. And when you give your best, there are no regrets, just a sense that you would not like to return the clock and redo your life differently.

P.S. The municipality of the town Mlada Boleslav granted - after the velvet revolution in 1989 - a street name to honor my grandpa Vladimir Regner. In memory of his 100 year´s birth anniversary this year a public exhibition of his paintings is being organized in the Mlada Boleslav castle starting with a grand opening on August 6th, 2011.

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