Monday, May 16, 2011

Jaromir Jagr Gets The Point More Than Politicians

Jaromir Jagr / Foto: CTK
„I am very happy  that we could - thanks to our achievements - give away great delight to all people. Only few of us can in their lifetime experience the feeling that they are able within two weeks to shift people´s opinions, that they are able to help others to forget their problems. Our fans have vice versa helped us. It is an exchange of energies from success,“ said Jagr in an interview with after the official end of the Worldwide Ice-hockey Championship.

Jaromir Jagr (39) has definitely gone a long way since the beginning of his career to understand key principles of success, of giving and receiving, of influencing and inspiring masses as well as of a need for a vision and personal humbleness in its implementation.

George Sheenan statement that „Success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be“, needs to be enriched for the link between the individual success and its benefits for others, be it the sports´s team, the fans, the nation or the society as a whole.

The winning itself will not bring long lasting personal satisfaction, if it is not linked to helping other people as well. If it is not in the interest of a wider majority, who can in the end magnify this victory as well.

We cannot be selfish if we want to shift people´s opinions for a good cause. We cannot be selfish if we want to achieve true success - build a better world for our children and grandchildren, if we want to know that even one life has breathed easier because of us.

We cannot miss the great opportunity to define what is the world we want to create for others and to start to act now to take control of our future instead of letting the future to control us.

 „Success is doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, the way it ought to be done, whether you want to do it or not.“ (anonymous).

Unless we act, we become vulnerable. Now we have a choice, but will we have it also in future?

P.S. I would wish these thoughts resonated with majority of our Czech politicians, with the Czech business leaders and entrepreneurs. I would also wish the people who decided to pursue life philosophy of „I want to do in my life what I enjoy myself. Whenever I achieve this state of mind I will consider myself successful“ would add the social dimension to their thoughts as well, or there will be nobody left wanting to fight for the better future of the Czech nation as such.

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