Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet the Ex F-1 David Coulthard, the Brand Ambassador

Feeling still young and sexy David Coulthard (40) did not want to leave the lime-light. Quitting the Formula One racing he refused to be placed into the box of "sport´s pensioner", not as much desired role for somebody who loved high doses of adrenalin every day.

David Coulthard decided to capitalize on the relationships he had with brand owners from his Formula One times. Besides his work as a commentator for BBC, adviser for Red Bull and as a DTM racer, David travels the World to spread the passion for brands he loves. David´s work is similar to the brand evangelists. He wants to see his favorites to succeed. He is not ressuring customers to buy a product, he stands up there on the stage to share with his fellow customers passion for his life style as well as for his favorite brands. He is empowered to spread the message about the brand, within his space.

Using Brand Ambassadors for word-of-mouth marketing is nothing new. Endorsement from a celebrity has been long-time the foundation of marketing. What is new, however, is that the bar for what customers expect from the communication with the celebrity and service obtained during the V.I.P. treatment is higher today. Customers are spoiled to purchase a brand just because a celebrity likes it. To create a customer WOW nowadays demands significantly more creativity and efforts.

Celebrity monologues are being replaced by dialogues. "Celebrity advices" are being based on attentive customer listening and offered round the clock - stimulating communication on all the key social media networks. "Soft sell" for luxury brand image building outweighs "hard sell" connected with special offers.
Values and attitudes of a celebrity are being carried over to the brand, thus contributing to building the high profile image and being more important than the goods itself.

Customers trust an outstanding V.I.P. treatment only if it is consistent over time and through the line at each single point of contact with the brand. Only when we continuously exceed expectations, customers become "raving fans", enthusiastically referring about our brands to their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. These devoted fans themselves have the desire to be of service and influence others. Meeting a celebrity is for them an impulse to start to act as brand evangelists themselves.

It is hard to debate which of F1 pilots will be remembered even after the official ending of their career. The World champions or those who are charismatic and representing an idea? Those who win at all costs or those who make us feel that we, too, can become great?

Final Note:
David Marshall Coulthard, born in 1971 in Scotland, was a former British Formula One racing driver. David made his Formula One debut in 1994 and won 13 Grands Prix in a career spanning 15 seasons. For his successes he was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2010. Currently he lives in Monaco with his Belgian wife and a 3 years old son. He is also supporting the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation, that was established in 2004 by Red Bull CEO Mateschitz and motocross World champion Kinigadner. David´s autobiography was released in 2007 entitled "It Is What It Is".

During his visit of Hugo Boss Store in Prague, David Coulthard handed over his F1 helmet to the Czech Top model Tereza Maxova, for her Charity. The event was organized to celebrate 30 years of co-operation between Hugo Boss and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. Founded in Germany in 1924, Hugo Boss has grown to become one of the world´s most recognizable fashion brands, specializing in high-end clothing and fragrances.David Coulthard´s involvement with the Hugo Boss brand goes far beyond officially opening high-profile new stores or going yacht racing, it goes beyond simply modeling the clothes and attending the fashion shows

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