About me


I am an enthusiastic person who thrives to positively influence others to dig deeper in own professional and private lives. I like to inspire Companies to deliver more and everybody overall to live much more fulfilled live.

I write this blog only for pure pleasure to make the mark in this world :-). Professionally I am involved in my own JBC Consulting business, when I thrive to find the "Way Forward" for the Companies and teams - more at http://www.janabudikova.cz.

I work and live in Prague, the Czech Republic, but I feel like a Cosmopolitan, because I have spent so many years living and working abroad (Germany, UK, also Eastern Europe). I like to connect virtually with the whole World. I like the unlimited opportunities that come from social media, either for the personal learning and sharing or for awakening the businesses how to capitalize on them for their best.

I combine my passion for new trends with the ability to practically exploit them quickly and innovatively based on my Top Management international experience. I have spent last 20 years in General Management, Marketing and Sales Leadership roles in Western and Eastern Europe. I have wide-range practice of strategy setting, financial control and turnarounds of a Company, innovation, change management and people development.

I am addicted to internet, while I restart myself during skiing, swimming and golfing as well as by being with my family. I love traveling to exotic places, meeting new people and exploring new areas. Adventure, laughing and joy ... what more to add?

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, or contact me via e-mail (jana@janabudikova.com).