Monday, June 24, 2013

Rome: My Surprising Journey Into the Past and Into the Future

 The thought was on my mind for quite some time. I was dreaming of experiencing the return into my past lives as Dr. Brian Weiss, a respected American psychotherapist, described at Oprah´s show, as well as in his bestselling book “Many Lives, Many Masters”. I was thrilled to take on the journey into the unknown, to assure myself about my spiritual purpose. At first I was looking for somebody local with whom I could experience past-life therapy face-to-face, but then I suddenly got the urge to look up Dr. Brian Weiss’ website. Unexpectedly enough, he was going to visit Rome and host an intensive three-day seminar the following week, and there was still free space for me! I was thrilled that I am going to meet a pioneer of reincarnation healing practice, who likes “changing fear into love and wisdom”, and who proved already more than 30 years ago, that reincarnation and spiritual worlds are reality....

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