Friday, October 22, 2010

Are YOU an Attractive and Premium Brand?

What do people think and feel when they see you? What words come to their mind about you? Be honest with yourself. Are you aware of it? Do you understand YOUR own brand?  Have you exploited in the past the opportunity to reposition yourself, to become a brand new and up to speed with the evolving social and professional environment?
Successful charismatic people drive strong emotional responses from us. We know what to expect from them which is why we remember them. They have built themselves based on core values linked to their unique life experiences. They have discovered what resonates with their souls, they have exploited their talents that they honor and rely on. They apply the branding rules for the brand of SELF.
Successful people understand that if they do not brand themselves, someone else will. Someone else may give them a label that they dislike totally. Authenticity, clarity, differentiation and consistency are the key to any career and social success. As trusted brands earn or loose customer loyalty, you can expect the same for the brand of YOU. The audience is watching and judging: your talents, your skills, your words, your actions and your style. Trying to create links to your core values and the real you person. It is rarely in a brand’s interest to “tell it all”. Sometimes the mystery around the brand can increase the interest.  
However it pays hugely to avoid cheating and misleading the audience. As we have seen from several women politicians during the last elections. They have sold their pretty faces and withheld afterwards to give the real job to the men behind them. They may be able to do it just once.
Business or politics are talent shows. We can never play with or cheat the audience in the long-term. We cannot provoke people just to get a reaction. Otherwise we get a label – “Unreliable”. Think of it twice also when you decide to play either the bad guy or the victim in the business. What effect will it have on your future?
Branding is an on-going never ending process. There is always a chance to control how you are perceived and to change YOUR brand.You just have to keep asking two questions: does your brand deliver on the expectations of your target audience and is this in line with your true SELF? The more these two answers match, the more strong is YOUR brand.
Because nothing is more positive, than if your brand is able to attract exactly those opportunities, that you want. Because your brand is able to inspire others.To differentiate yourself in whatever field you have chosen. To make you somebody people are attracted to.

Still not persuaded why should you bother to build a brand for yourself? 
Than try this one: Big Brands = Big Money!
P.S. Stay tuned for the next week blog on “Sabotages On Our Reputation, How To Protect the Brand Of SELF.”
P.S. I am happy to offer coaching to help people find the right tools to strengthen their OWN brand and to make themselves more attractive for the external world.

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