Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Last Steps Matter Most …

You have observed it many times around you during the elections or in the companies. People have seen themselves as winners of a position well before they have got it. They have promised their companions share on the future fruits of power. They have started to behave in their natural (arrogant) way being so sure they do not have to pretend anymore. They have overestimated their previous success and influence. They have seen things as they wanted them to be, not as they were.
The more sure they were about themselves the more harsh was the next day awakening into failure. They felt as victims of conspiracy. They felt it is not fair to them. Why it has to happen to them, when they have already lived their dream of a conqueror.
Life is in fact not so much about the fairness, rightness or the end goal achievement. Rather about perseverance and lessons learnt on the way forward. About focus on joy and adventure along the way. Having honorable target and honorable way to achieve it.
After initial success there are mostly no shortcuts. Rather a bumpy road with many curves. We are always under the test of our intentions, desire and courage. The moment of truth comes in a way of examination of what we have learnt on our way. Just before the dream is fulfilled. The life wants to give us a chance to master the new skills we have learnt. To better understand them.
Many people give it up right during this test. Right after the first signs of failure or any other setbacks. They become bitter and skeptical. They do not want to put anymore the energy into their dreams. They are afraid to overcome obstacles. They may be afraid of another failure. They may loose their confidence. Or they may be unclear if they deserve the success at all. The fear of suffering is mostly worse, than the suffering itself.
There are no fulfilled dreams without passing a road full of expectation, joy and pain  – all of that mastered with courage until the last minute. Don´t be afraid to desire more from your life. There is a bonus for you in the end. You will be much more rich because you have exploited things and areas that many others never will.
P.Coelho: "Do not forget that your heart is where your dream is. You have to make the dream reality, so that everything what you have discovered along the way starts to make sense."


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