Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tough New Beginnings…

     Starting with something fresh new is very easy when we are children. We are exploring the adventures of life by practicing all over again the trivial skills, like learning to walk, learning to write. We are focused just on ourselves, being explorative, intuitive and creative. We are having happy smile on our face, not minding any setbacks.

     As we grow older the fresh new beginnings become more and more complicated, because we make them more complicated. We create stretched targets and strategies for winning. We accept only victories. We are afraid of setbacks. We process thoughts how to learn the new tasks quickly and efficiently as much as possible. We have a detailed plan. We push a lot. Despite the fact that these tools may be very useful at work, they are not always efficient in the real life.

     Take golf for example. Golf is a game most of us started to play as grown ups. Golf is typical example of a game of mindset. Pushing with enormous energy will not serve us good for learning. The success lays in psychology, more than in the mechanics. The more we are in balance with ourselves, the better we play.  Yes, we have to have a goal in mind, but the rest we need to put in hand of a good trainer and to our relaxed body, that is able to produce the natural swing. We just have to find the trace in our brain.
     There are no shortcuts to success. We can have our natural talent. But the skill has to be developed. The road to success is full of setbacks. When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, we are usually just a few millimeters away from making it happen. Millimeters? Because the propensity of the golf club may be just a millimeter away from the most effective shot.
     We just cannot give up. We have to go on. Find “our swing”. We have to remind ourselves of the smoothness and happy adventure code of our childhood learning. There is nothing like negative experience, only the opportunity to grow and discover the art of self control. The opportunity to discover ourselves.

     If we have the courage for a fresh start, we are given an opportunity to earn more personal strength and to discover bigger depth in our life meaning. We are given an opportunity for extending the boarders of our life.

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